The art consulting services provided by Beth Jones are grounded in the commitment to integrate client objectives with the artistic process. She is sensitive to the diverse issues that arise when a cultural element, such as visual art, is incorporated into both public and private environments. Her approach is characterized by the ability to aid developers, architects, designers, users and artists in reaching a rapid consensus.

Drawing from twenty years of experience in the business of art and various art traditions, she is able to assess the needs of the client and match them with the appropriate images to incorporate art that will enhance the project over time.

Beth Jones provides professional assistance in the following areas:
  • planning and acquisition for corporate art collections
  • archival framing and presentation
  • conservation, maintenance and security
  • museum quality lighting systems
  • administration of public art programs and commissions
  • development of exhibition facilities in both commercial
    and non-profit settings
  • exhibition design and curation
  • public relations programs related to these services

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